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About NubiYouth

In October 2019, NubiYouth leaders realized that by working together, we could overcome the challenges that the Nubian community faces as a whole, prompting the formation of the American-Nubian Youth Organization to address these issues and promote solution-based action. Our goals focused on addressing these issues and promoting solution-based action. Through cultural preservation, professional youth development, and engagement in community outreach programs, we seek to empower Nubian youth to uplift our community. NubiYouth collaborates with the community to address our organization's and the community's needs in the greater Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area.

NubiYouth aims to build a stronger Nubian community by assisting people of all ages in learning how to live healthy and successful lives. We are committed to educating our members on Nubian history, culture, and language. NubiYouth also serves as a resource to help young people achieve their professional and educational goals, and fundraising to provide aid for the most vulnerable members of our global community. 



NubiYouth envisions a community in which underserved Nubian youth are equipped with the tools and opportunities to define themselves and their own futures. We hope to achieve an open, connected, and vibrant Nubian community that cares for each other and embraces their Nubian identity.


Our mission is to nurture and build a vibrant, healthy, and prosperous global Nubian community through multi-level engagement with youth & families. Our goal is to empower Nubian youth and families to grow stronger and healthier through youth mentoring, family education, and connections with community resources.

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Donate to NubiYouth

All donations are used to help us continue to respond to immediate needs while providing Nubian youth with supportive learning environments and critical connections to their community.

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