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Meet the NubiYouth Team


Rania Salem, Founder & President

Rania serves as the President of the NubiYouth organization. Rania offers effective leadership through this role, she manages NubiYouth operations, and oversees programs and volunteers.

Rania holds a Bachelor of Global Affairs degree from George Mason University and is currently pursuing a Masters of International Development. She is a dedicated and passionate advocate of Nubian rights, the global BLM movement and education equality. Rania was inspired to create NubiYouth after a life-changing trip to Aswan with the NubiYouth co-founders. She hopes to educate Nubian youth on their culture and history by cultivating a positive space for youth to come together. She is committed to building a prosperous Nubian community for all Nubians and hopes to one day see a NubiYouth community center built in Nubia.

Rania enjoys spending time with her family, collecting jewelry, traveling and is a self — proclaimed DMV foodie. She is from the Seyala and Gorta II tribes.

Linda Idris, Director of Youth Development


As the Director of Youth Development, Linda plays a crucial role in coordinating and supervising various programs and activities designed for adolescents. These initiatives encompass career development, service programs, and cultural education aimed at empowering and nurturing the youth.

Linda has attained a dual bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Operations Management from George Mason University. She is passionate about honing her skills in the fields of technology and business.

Linda has a passion for fashion, enjoys learning new creative skills, and spending time with her friends. Linda is committed to helping vulnerable communities and is a devoted champion of Nubian rights. Linda is dedicated to making a positive impact on the Nubian community globally. She frequently visits both Dekka and Seyala to visit her family and reconnect with her origins. She hopes to support Nubian youth in reaching their full potential and stepping into their power.


Yusra Abdelmaguid, Director of Community Outreach & Engagement 

As a dynamic force with an unwavering passion for fostering unity and progress, as the Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, Yusra leads the strategic planning and seamless execution of transformative initiatives within our community.

Yusra is an alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University and holds a dual bachelor's degree in business administration and psychology. Yusra's mission transcends traditional roles, aiming to empower and fortify our community's foundations. She catalyzes positive trajectories through meticulously curated events, purposeful outreach programs, and a profound dedication to education. But her aspirations extend even further. Yusra's ambitious vision includes a future political career, with her sights set on a Congressional seat. Her commitment to advocacy and public service embodies her dedication to realizing lasting societal change.

Yusra is an avid explorer in her free time who channels her enthusiasm for new horizons into vlogging her travels and expanding her cultural consciousness. Yusra also enjoys hanging out with friends, trying out new restaurants, and volunteering with local refugee nonprofits. Yusra is from both the Dekka and Seyela tribes and hopes to evoke real positive change in her community.


Dr. Fawziah Qadir, Education and Outreach Director

Dr. Fawziah A. Qadir, originally from Buffalo and now residing in the NY/NJ area, serves as the Education and Outreach Director for NubiYouth, drawing from her deep connection with her Nubian heritage.


Her academic credentials include a B.A. in International Relations, an M.A. in Peacekeeping, an M.A. in International Human Rights Law, and a Doctorate of Education from NYU. Currently a professor at Barnard College, Dr. Qadir employs her expertise in education and advocacy in her work at NubiYouth. She's instrumental in the organization's expansion to the NY/NJ metropolitan area. Dr. Qadir is a firm believer in the power of education and community development in uplifting society, with a special focus on the Nubian youth in Egypt.


In her personal life, she's a content creator (@FoozyDoes) and an avid traveler. Her personal and professional commitments reflect the strong influence of her maternal grandfather from Old Toshka, Aswan, Egypt, underscoring her connection to her Nubian heritage.


Rqkih Ibrahim, Director of Operations & Strategic Planning 


Rqkih Ibrahim is a dynamic professional serving as the Director of Operations and Strategic Planning. With a solid IT and software engineering foundation, Rqkih excels in leveraging technology to drive operational effectiveness. She assumes responsibility for overseeing our organization's strategic initiatives and the formulation of long-term growth plans. She offers valuable guidance in the areas of activity planning, resource allocation, and the creation of sustainable opportunities that align with our mission and strategic objectives.

Rqkih holds a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, complemented by a Master's degree in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.


During her free time, Rqkih finds joy in the company of her friends and family. Exploring new destinations and immersing herself in new experiences through travel are activities she deeply appreciates.

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Want to Get Involved?

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