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30 Days of Giving | Ramadan Fundraiser 2022

Details about our "30 Days of Giving" Ramadan fundraiser can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who donated and shared this year’s Ramadan fundraiser. Together we were able to exceed our goal and provide immediate assistance to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. We appreciate and value our generous supporters immensely. May you all be rewarded for your contributions and thank you for your kind generosity. Read below about how donations were distributed & some of the stories of the families you have been able to positively contribute to.

Nubians in Egypt

  • 10,000 Egyptian pounds (L.E.) was used to provide hundreds of hot meals daily throughout the month of Ramadan. Meals were cooked every day by our amazing volunteers and distributed to low-income families, hospitalized individuals, and orphanages.

  • 15,000 L.E. was used to pay for an urgently needed surgery for a young woman suffering from a fatal ovarian disease. She had no means to cover the high cost, but thanks to our generous contributors she was able to successfully undergo surgery and has since safely recovered.

  • 5,000 L.E. was used to help a woman in Aswan fleeing an abusive marriage receive medical treatment for 3rd degree burns & move her into better housing. Her siblings refused to let her return to her family home after her husband attacked her & she has since faced great adversity in her life, such as being hospitalized for four months due to the severe burns. She left the hospital to find nothing and was forced to live in the street. We were able to assist her with medical costs and relocating her to a safe home. We are covering three month’s rent/necessities for her and moving forward with assisting her with seeking employment.

  • Over 27,000 L.E. was donated to Shabab Al-Khair, a Nubian led medical organization based in the Nubian villages. The organization provides low-income individuals with free dialysis treatments as well as other urgently needed medical assistance. Part of their services include free transportation to and from treatment centers for all patients.

  • Last year we were able to help purchase a vehicle for their expansion, while this year donations went towards daily operational costs. In addition, donations were used to cover dialysis treatments for patients & to purchase blood pressure and sugar monitors for villages in the Aswan region. This is beneficial because with the right equipment and access to medical assistance community members can safely monitor their health. We are excited to continue our partnership with such an amazing initiative and we are looking forward to featuring Shabab Al-Khair soon on NubiYouth!

Nubians in United States

  • $2,400 was distributed amongst Nubian families in the USA to help cover costs like urgent bills, medical needs and to purchase basic food necessities

  • NubiYouth donated the cash assistance in celebratory packages with Eid Kahk, chocolate, and other Eid goodies to spread Eid joy.

Sudanese Refugees

Half of the proceeds raised were donated to the Sudanese Refugee community of Egypt, a disadvantaged and vulnerable population. 96,000 L.E. was donated and distributed amongst this community. The impact made here was life changing for many families.

Thanks to your kind donations, we were able to provide hundreds of hot meals to families, cover urgently needed medical assistance and medications, in addition to providing financial relief to many struggling families.

  • Over 20,000 LE was used to help the family of 26 pictured in our fundraising video, which since, they have moved to two adjacent apartments. They went from living in a poorly built one-bedroom apartment to a spacious and furnished, clean space with enough room for everyone. Your donations were used to cover three months' rent and utilities, in addition to buying house necessities, and children's clothing. They wanted to extend their deepest gratitude to all those who contributed.

  • 7,000 L.E. was used to assist a young Sudanese girl seek medical care after being a victim of an acid attack in Egypt. Following the attack her surgery was done incorrectly and with little care. She told our ambassador all she wanted was to be back to normal. A portion of donations raised went towards supporting her surgery, and ensuring she gets the treatment she deserves and needs to heal.

  • A portion of donations is being used to support two families with disabled members. They faced many tough decisions and have been unable to afford the high cost of caring for a disabled family member. With your kind donations we have been able to ease some of these burdens.

  • In addition, we partnered with the local clinic to provide medical assistance and medications to those unable to afford it.

Be on the lookout for more updates on this community! We are still working on distributing the rest of these funds. These projects are a little more sensitive, so they require a lot more care and attention through completion. We look forward to updating you.

To ensure every dollar raised goes to those most in need, NubiYouth covered 100% of all fees while transferring funds.

If you have any questions or want further information on how to continue your support, please contact us at

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