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Aswan Flood Relief Campaign

When devastating storms and flooding caused mass destruction in Aswan and surrounding villages, NubiYouth and the Nubian Benevolence Association came together to provide emergency relief to families heavily impacted by the natural disaster. Flooding of this kind is not expected, nor can the infrastructure of the area handle it. The Nubian region is extremely vulnerable to climate change and its effects. Many lives were lost and there were hundreds of injuries caused by scorpion stings, after swarms of scorpions fled into the Nubian villages because of the floods. Houses were damaged, schools had to shut down and power outages were widespread.

Together, we raised over 90,000 L.E. to assist those impacted by the tragic storms. Thanks to our generous supporters we were able to help families in Gharb Soheil, Al Shalal, Heissa, Tingar, Awwad Island, Bantool and Gharb Aswan. We provided coordinated assistance and financial payouts to assist with reconstructing homes that were damaged by the storm, in addition to distributing over 300 winter blankets to those suffering from harsh conditions. The people of Aswan were overwhelmed by the generous support and extended their deepest gratitude to the NubiYouth community.

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