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Kids Game Night 2020

NubiYouth's kids game night was so much fun! Held on March 8th, 2020, we gave the youth a space to have fun and be themselves. We played games, laughed, had pizza and snacks & then we learned! Our NubiYouth leader, Rqkih, gave the children a brief lesson on the importance of FASFA, the difference between grants & loans, and the importance of building/maintaining credit. By teaching them this we were able to give them a head start, help them understand issues that affected their parents as immigrants and teach them valuable info, not taught in school. We ended the evening with a game of NubiYouth jeopardy focused on the Nubian language, culture & history facts we posted on our NubiYouth page. .

“The rights of children must, importantly, include the right to be themselves and to talk for themselves.” -Nelson Mandela

This event aligned with our mission by engaging youth development & empowering American-Nubian youth to learn about the Nubian language, history & culture. All while having fun with their community . We hope everyone had a great time & we can’t wait for more game nights and educational opportunities for the NubiYouth community!

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