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2021 Ramadan Fundraiser: Nubian + Sudanese refugee community

During our 2021 Ramadan Fundraiser, we were able to successfully raise over $6,000 for the most vulnerable members of our community. Donations were distributed amongst Nubian families suffering from extreme financial hardships in both the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) and Egypt. A portion of the donations also went directly to supporting widowed mothers in Egypt with their rent and children's educational fees.

We partnered with a grassroot organization Nuba Al-Khair in Aswan, Egypt to donate food items, clothing, and masks to families in Aswan. In addition, we worked with a medical organization to sponsor dialysis costs for Nubians suffering from kidney failure living in the new Nubian settlements outside of Aswan. We were able to provide food, necessities, clothing, and medications to the Sudanese refugee community of Cairo. Our support has saved so many families and given them the help they need to move forward.

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