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NubiYouth's Medical Contributions

We all know that health is wealth, yet having access to nutritious foods, safe drinking water, medication, and medical equipment/supplies is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have been able to sponsor those who were most in need. Sometimes the solution is simple, but the resources are not available. Together, we have been able to purchase medications for those unable to afford it, sponsor surgeries and treatments and purchase medical equipment for the villages, all of which has improved the overall quality of life for many people.

One of our proudest moments was helping a young lady in college purchase a new prosthetic leg. She was suffering from acute pain due to an old prosthetic that no longer fit her. She did not let this stop her, she was determined to complete her education and went to her university everyday. If you're familiar with Cairo, you're aware that public transit is inaccessible to those with disabilities. Her story was inspiring to us and we knew we had to support her. Thanks to everyone's donations, we were able to buy her a brand new prosthetic leg and change her life for the better.

We also bought blood pressure and sugar monitoring equipment for several villages, so people would not have to travel an hour away to visit a medical facility for something simple to monitor. If left untreated, these medical problems could potentially be fatal. We hope to see an improvement in the quality of medical facilities in the Nubian region, as the current medical infrastructure is extremely poor and detrimental to the well-being of the Nubian community of Aswan.

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